Solution to find lost phones and wearables from Samsung


Samsung phone owners have used the company’s Find My Phone or Google’s Find My Device services to find their lost device. The South Korean manufacturer has prepared a new service that will take over this task. With the Samsung SmartThings Find application, it will be possible to find phones and tablets running Android 8 and above as well as Samsung’s wearables.

This feature can be accessed via Samsung’s SmartThings app. The update prepared for the application has been distributed in many regions.

SmartThings Find is very functional and includes cool features. One of these features is augmented reality-based Search Nearby. With Search Nearby, users will be directed to their lost device in real time. With the help of Ultra Broadband (UWB) and Bluetooth LE technologies, lost Galaxy devices are located. It should be noted that the use of UWB is currently only specific to the Galaxy Note 20 series and Galaxy Z Fold 2.

With Samsung SmartThings Find, users can also allow other Galaxy device owners to find their lost device. If a device is offline for more than 30 minutes it will be able to send a Bluetooth LE signal that can be detected by other Galaxy devices.

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