Solution from Huawei to the US embargo: Chip factory


The company, which has been in trouble with US sanctions for a long time, announced the Android alternative HarmonyOS operating system last year. Now, it is claimed that a chip factory will be established by Huawei to overcome the embargo on the chipset.

Huawei to overcome embargo by establishing chip factory

According to the claim in the Financial Times report, the company is planning to establish its own chip factory in Shanghai. As a result of the sanctions imposed by the US administration, companies must request a license from the US Department of Commerce in order to sell chips to Huawei.

Huawei ABD ambargosunu delmek için çip fabrikası kuracak

Claiming that Huawei will produce chips without using US technologies and will carry out this jointly with the government-backed Shanghai IC R&D Center, the Financial Times also made some claims about the production process.

It is among the rumors that the factory to be established will first start by producing 45nm chips that industry giants used about 15 years ago. It is also stated that the factory will produce 28nm chips used in smart televisions and IoT devices by the end of 2021.

The company is expected to gain freedom in many aspects by producing 20nm chips required for 5G infrastructure. A person working in the semiconductor industry claimed that the factory to be established will not produce chips for Huawei smartphones. The person who caused the chipsets used in smartphones to be produced with advanced technology underlined that this issue cannot be resolved in the short term.


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