Solar powered Eco Remote control for 2021 Samsung TVs


Samsung exhibited 2021 model TVs, including Nano QLED, Micro LED and Lifestyle TVs, at the online event held before CES 2021. Meanwhile, he shared the environmentally friendly approaches and innovative features in his new TVs. Among the interesting innovations is the Eco Remote remote control, which is charged with solar energy.

As a technology developed by the company and to be used for the first time, in 2021, Samsung TVs will be equipped with a solar-powered remote control, which can be recharged via indoor light, outdoor light or USB. According to the company, this will prevent 99 million AAA class battery waste in the next 7 years. In the production of these controls, Samsung introduced a new production process using recyclable plastic bottles, and the recycling rate in the controls was 24 percent.

In addition, Samsung will seek to reduce its carbon footprint globally and systematically in television production. The company will also investigate ways to reduce consumers’ energy costs and use higher amounts of recycled materials across all TV series.

On the other hand, the South Korean company will use the previously awarded “Eco-Friendly Packaging” design in all Lifestyle TVs of 2021 and most of the Neo QLED TV series for 2021, taking into account the feedback from its consumers. He says that with this sustainable solution, approximately 200 thousand tons of corrugated cardboard boxes will be re-evaluated each year. While the writings and images on “Eco-Friendly Packaging” will be minimized, the use of oil-based colored printing inks traditionally used in TV packaging will be discontinued, and the waste rate will be reduced.

Accessibility features in 2021 Samsung TVs

The 2021 Samsung accessible features, now fully available on the 2021 QLED and Neo QLED models, use artificial intelligence technology along with the latest technological advances to enable more users to enjoy the TV experience in the comfort of home. The 2021 series, together with new features such as Caption Moving, Sign Language Zoom, and Multiple Audio Output, allows hearing or visually impaired users to improve their viewing experience in line with their needs and preferences. By 2022, Samsung also aims to expand the scope of its Voice Guide feature. This feature will guide individuals who are hearing or visually impaired. Samsung also stated that it will continue to develop new AI-powered features to further increase the accessibility of Samsung TVs in the coming years.


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