Solar Ash, Analysis. Agile And Stylish Movement


Solar Ash: From the creators of Hyper Light Drifter comes Solar Ash, the new Heart Machine title that provides movement, agility and reflexes for PC, PS4 and PS5. The simple fact of moving is essential in games like Solar Ash in which the player’s reflection and reaction capacity play a fundamental role. But it is not only the movement that is important, but how the actions intertwine with it to create a flow that is as rewarding as it is direct. We have had multiple examples like this over the years: Celeste or Furi have topped the list of the most complex in the indie field, although we have also had relaxed examples in blockbusters such as Super Mario Odyssey.

It’s no wonder Heart Machine focused so much on movement after how well they did on Hyper Light Drifter, their previous work. The learning is there, and we are pleased to tell you that this extra step is present in Solar Ash to the point of becoming a highly recommended title for those who enjoy a movement that is as fun as it is rewarding.

Don’t stop moving

In Solar Ash we play Rei, our protagonist titled “Explorer of the void” with the mission to save her home planet, which is on the brink of collapse. Her story begins with force and generates interest, but it is one of those narratives that are relegated to the background in which without the lore they would not take on form or relevance. But as we will talk about letters and manuscripts later, let’s focus on what is important: movement.

After a short tutorial in which to familiarize ourselves with Rei’s movement, we will soon realize the potential and relevance that the movement will have during the 7 hours that the Heart Machine title lasts. Solar Ash has not only taken care of the movement of the protagonist, but also combines perfectly with the actions of attacking or jumping as well as with the stage and its level design. This kind of constant flow that exists between these elements is practically excellent and we can throw a few drawbacks beyond some imprecision on the edges of some platforms.

Don’t learn, perfect

Solar Ash succeeds in simulating scooters under Rei’s feet. This continuous and measured glide generates a highly recommended experience at the controls. Besides, endowing it with this characteristic is inevitable never wanting to stop. For this reason we wanted to make a second round of the game to focus on movement and not so much on exploration, with such pleasant surprise that we found a game that will delight speedrunners. There is tact, a lot of tact in Solar Ash.