Solana (SOL) Flying Price

Crypto giant Binance announced recently that it will add Solana (SOL) to the stock market. SOL transactions in the stock exchange started as of today and traders started trading with SOL / BTC, SOL / BUSD and SOL / BNB pairs.

Rapidly Rises
Today, Binance is shown as the largest stock market in the industry in terms of both trade volume and monthly visitors. Binance, which has more than 20 million visitors per month, has outperformed its competitors in this regard.

As such, listing a new crypto project on Binance can be an important development. The situation in Solana (SOL) was no different. Solana, which has a processing capacity of 65 thousand per second and thus is shown as Ethereum Killer, started to gain value quickly after it was listed in Binance.

The price of SOL, which fell to $ 0.7 for a short time during the day, then reached above $ 1. Meanwhile, many investors earned almost 50%.



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