Sol Perez Caused Fire With This Photo In A Swimsuit


Sol Perez caused pure fire with this photo in a swimsuit. The temperature rose after the conductor posed for the networks.

The day was cool in the city of Buenos Aires, but as if it had been magical the weather changed and the temperature began to rise, until it reached 30 degrees.

This happened after Sol Perez shared a bikini photograph on the networks, the Instagram fire postcard and the city fever also rose.

On a totally sunny and special day for the pool, the driver shared a very sensual photo where she can be seen posing very hot with a black bikini with chains.

The image published by Sol, was accompanied by a writing: “In this capsule there are also chains”, in a short time it took almost 160 “likes” and several comments referring to its tremendous curves.

While the Climate Girl said nothing about her partner, it is known that she is very much in love with the owner of the gym she attends, Guido Mazzoni with whom she plans a life together.

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