Sofia is tired after the release of her six-cassette!


Sofia and Arthur have been together for a long time in Tomorrow belongs to us. The two teens are going to have a sextape but it will end badly. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Sofia and Arthur are a beautiful couple in Tomorrow belongs to us. The two teens are quite mature for their age and have been through a lot together.

The young man will soon agree to wear a prosthesis and Sofia will be very happy for him. Nevertheless, he will not feel comfortable and will be the victim of several teasing. Indeed, Charlie and Luke will be very intrusive and Sofia will not hesitate to defend her boyfriend.

Nevertheless, Gabriel will tell Arthur that his story with Sofia is too “cushy”. Thus, in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, the young man will want to spice up his relationship a little.

For this, he will suggest to Sofia to make a sextape and the young woman will accept. However, the video will leak on the net and Manon’s sister will be at its worst.


In the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, the sextape of Sofia and Arthur will be touring the school. This is because someone is going to hack their phone and upload the video. This will devastate the young woman who will not know how to deal with this situation.

In an extract from TF1, Arthur will find Sofia at home. Sofia will be in tears and will find out that the video is still online. However, Arthur will tell her that he did everything to suppress her and that she should be gone soon.

Besides, Arthur will have a hard time understanding why his girlfriend is so touched by this story. Nevertheless, he will be far from suspecting that Sofia receives nasty comments. In Tomorrow belongs to us, she is going to be called all names because of the video.

On the contrary, everyone is going to think Arthur is “a good shot”. Sofia will quickly realize the magnitude of the situation and will not dare to leave her home. For his part, Arthur will no longer know how to calm her down …


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