Sofia Falcone starred in the series “Penguin” DC, so should we expect siblings to compete with catwoman Zoey Kravitz?


Carmine Falcone is gone, and now his daughter Sofia has come on stage.

Although it was officially announced earlier this year that the Batman sequel is on the way, our next trip to Matt Reeves’ Gotham City will not be related to the upcoming DC movie, but to a series exclusive to HBO Max subscribers. “Penguin”, in which Colin Farrell plays Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot, is preparing to start filming, and it became known that his version of Sofia Falcone starred in the series. So should we expect a rivalry between her and Zoe Kravitz Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, in the Batman saga?

Kristin Milioti was cast as John Tuturro’s daughter Carmine Falcone for “Penguin,” and Deadline reported that she would be battling Colin Farrell’s main character for control of Gotham City. Milioti is the first new actor to be announced for a DC TV show, while behind the scenes screenwriter and showrunner Lauren LeFranc is executive producing alongside Pharrell, Matt Reeves and Dylan Clark, and Craig Zobel is directing the first two episodes. This will be the second time Sofia will be adapted for live performances, the first time it will be the portrayal of Crystal Reed in the 4th season of “Gotham”.

In the television sphere, Kristin Milioti is perhaps best known for her role as Tracey McConnell in How I Met Your Mother, she is also the main mother, who debuted at the end of season 8, and we found out about it during the last season of the show. Milioti also hosted the short-lived TV shows from A to Z and Made for Love, starred in the episode of the Black Mirror “USS Callister” and can currently be seen with William Jackson Harper in The Resort, which can be broadcast by subscription Peacock. Milioti’s famous works include The Wolf of Wall Street and Palm Springs.

Sofia Falcone was the main player in the arcs of the comics “Batman: The Long Halloween” and “Batman: Dark Victory”, and the first saw her return to Gotham City after members of the Falcone crime clan began to be killed by a serial killer known as Holiday. Carmine Falcone was killed by Paul Dano’s Edward Nashton, also known as the Riddler, in Batman, so Sofia Kristin Milioti can now go to war with Oswald Cobblepot in Penguin, and the winner becomes the new main crime boss of Gotham City. Batman also took an example from the “Long Halloween” by making Selina Kyle a biological daughter, making her Selina Kyle’s half-sister. Although Zoe Kravitz is not expected to appear in Penguin, as there are many other Batman-related projects on the horizon, perhaps Selina and Sofia will run into each other someday. After all, just like in the comics, just because they share the same blood doesn’t mean they’ll get along somehow.

It will be some time before the premiere of “Penguin” on HBO Max, but you can stream “Batman” on this platform right now to remind yourself of how he positioned Oswald Cobblepot for the next chapter of his life. A related Arkham series is also in development, and villains like Scarecrow, Clay Face, and Professor Pig could potentially get their own spin-offs.


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