Sodapoppin Was “Convinced” That He Would Be Killed During a Trip to France.


Twitch streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris told his viewers a chilling story about how he visited France and was convinced that he would be killed on the first night.

Sodapoppin has been one of the creators of Twitch content for the longest time, he has been regularly visiting the site since 2011.

Most of his long career has been spent in the “Just Chatting” category, reacting to various videos, talking with his chatter and telling stories.

But few of the stories he tells show him as scared as the story he told about his first night in France, when he thought he might be killed while traveling to another country.

Sodapoppin feared for his life in France

Tired of flying abroad and still adjusting to a new place, Soda ordered groceries and food. Unfortunately, he quarreled with a Frenchwoman delivering the goods, and they had to resort to talking through a Google translator after standing in the cold for half an hour.

As soon as it was resolved, the streamer took everything inside, and right at that moment the electricity went out.

Exhausted Chance “convinced himself” that the deliverer wanted revenge, and so the rest of the night wandered around armed with a bat.

“I’m serious. I’m pretty damn convinced. It’s horrible. It really felt like a movie. I was also a little drunk,” he recalled his emotional state. “I didn’t sleep on the plane. I can’t sleep on planes. By this point, I had not slept for 30 hours.”

The streamer describes that after a while he calmed down and had to snuggle by the fireplace, as the electricity did not return until the end of the day and night. But in general, Chance remembers the trip very warmly.


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