Social media obstacle about elections to Trump!


Social media companies increased their election measures after the Facebook scandal in the US elections in the past. Twitter marks election-related Tweets posted by Donald Trump as containing false information.

Election tension between Twitter and Trump escalates

Many people participated in the elections by mail due to the pandemic. For this reason, many analysts predicted that the election results would be announced late. Donald Trump made a statement regarding the delay experienced today.

Twitter ile Trump arasındaki seçim gerginliği tırmanıyor

Trump shared some posts on Twitter and Facebook due to the November 3 elections. Claiming that the elections were manipulated, Trump said, “We are ahead in the elections, but they are trying to steal our votes. We will never let them do this. You cannot vote after the roll call! ”Used expressions.

Twitter management took action on this incident and marked the tweets posted as false information. In addition, the company explained why it used such a route and highlighted that the Tweets posted contained potentially misleading statements regarding the election.

Twitter announced in September that it will delete all content containing threats and incitement or mark it as inappropriate content, and stated that Tweets marked as inappropriate content will be accessible after clicking the alert button.

Facebook, on the other hand, was content with putting a warning tag on Trump’s posts. In addition, the company announced that Trump will add a link to the official election results to the posts he claims to have won the election, and announced that it will send a message, “The votes are still counting and the winner is not yet known” on both Facebook and Instagram.

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