Social media fans are all over Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s sweet moments on the plane as he works to overcome his fear of flying after a plane crash


Kravis sets goals in relationships.

Travis Barker thanked his wife Kourtney Kardashian for helping him overcome the fear of flying caused by the 2008 plane crash that killed four people and seriously injured the drummer of Blink 182. The two apparently agreed when they started dating that he would travel the world with her, and they certainly did. However, a couple of moments from recent episodes of The Kardashians showed that overcoming this trauma is an ongoing challenge, and fans took to social media to express their love after seeing how the new Mrs. Barker supports her husband.

A very gentle couple held a lavish wedding ceremony in Italy in May this year, and the preparations for the wedding were shown in two recent episodes of the Kardashians. In the video “What’s more American than Marilyn Monroe?”, released for those who have a subscription to Hulu on November 3, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker pray together before going to Italy for a wardrobe fitting, and this TikTok user could not accept it. sweetness:

Their matching pink leopard print pajamas are just a bonus to the appeal! Others in the comments were also touched by the tender moment the couple shared, saying:

The fact that he almost died in a plane crash, and Courtney was the first to return him to the plane, is in itself a love story 🥺 – alexandraariiana

I’m not religious at all, but considering what Travis has been through, it’s such a sweet moment 🥺 – itsabmillzthing
A fan on Twitter said that feeling so safe with your loved one was the absolute goal of the relationship:

On the November 10 episode titled “I Never Thought I’d See the Day,” they shared a similar moment when the wife comforted the drummer during their return flight from Italy to New York. They sat with their heads pressed together, and Kourtney Kardashian prayed that “angels sit on our wings” to ensure a safe return to the US. And when Travis Barker turned and looked out the window, she quietly calmed him down:

We’re doing fine, baby. We’re fine.

Fans reacted again to how she helped him get through it, with one Twitter user saying:

And another said that Travis Barker’s ability to get back on the plane after what he went through really proved the power that love can have.:

Even those who are not necessarily fans of the famous family thanked Kourtney Kardashian after Blink 182 announced that they would embark on a world tour in 2023, knowing that Travis Barker would not have been able to participate without the boss of Poosh. ‘ help. Barker suffered third-degree burns all over his body during the 2008 plane crash, which required several surgeries and blood transfusions. Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein also survived an accident that killed two of their friends and both pilots; however, Goldstein died a year later from a drug overdose.

You can catch more cute Kravis moments, as well as see what Kim Kardashian and other members of the reality TV family are doing, in new episodes of The Kardashians, available on Hulu every Thursday.


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