Social Media Criticism for Netflix’s New Movie ‘Cuties ‘


Netflix’s new movie, minnoşlar, which will be released on September 9, has become the focus of criticism due to both the announcement published on the official site and the promotional poster published. Netflix apologized over the reaction from social media.

Director Maïmouna Doucouré won the Maïmouna Doucouré Jury Prize for Best Directing in World Cinema Drama at the Sundance Film Festival with her original original title Mignonnes, Cuties / Minnos, and received many positive reviews from critics. However, although the film was found to be successful in cinematic terms, its subject was widely discussed by the general audience.

The Sins are focusing on an 11-year-old girl named Amy, who lives with her mother Mariam and younger brother and is waiting for her father to rejoin the family in Senegal. Amy is greatly influenced by the free-spirited (!) Nature of her neighbor, Angelica’s dance team, but this clearly conflicts with the ideas of her traditionalist mother.

Puppies, centered on an 11-year-old girl, will be released as an 18+ movie

What caused the Minnoches to be widely criticized is that girls aged 11-12 have been combined with specific dance styles that are directly associated with sex, such as twerk. The criticisms made for the film have come to the fore with the promotional poster Netflix has released for the film.

In the movie poster (image above) released by Netflix, we see a few girls in the scene under the spotlights. The problem is that these girls are doing some twerk sexually suggestive poses on the poster. As such, social media users started to express their criticism louder, especially on Twitter, and Netflix eventually had to take a step back.

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As of now, more than 80,000 tweets have been posted on Twitter with the hashtag #NetflixPedofilia, and as you can imagine, almost all of these tweets are about criticizing Netflix for the movie Minnoşlar. While some users stated that Netflix should withdraw and never release the Minnoşs movie, some users directly stated that Netflix should be shut down.

Netflix apologizes for its promotional poster and description

Taking a step back on the reactions from social media, Netflix released a new statement on Twitter, apologizing for the promotional poster shared for the Cuties / Minnoşlar, and stated that the poster and description used to promote the film did not represent the award-winning film at Sundance.

The first statement released by Netflix for the movie Minnoşlar was, “11-year-old Amy is fascinated by a dance group doing twerk. He challenges family traditions by starting to discover his femininity in hopes of joining them. ” The new statement, “11-year-old Amy admires a dance group twerking and defies family traditions in hopes of joining them.” was in the form.

As you can imagine, Netflix’s new release did not satisfy people. As of now, when you enter the Netflix page of Minnoş, you see that the film will be released on September 9, but it may be possible for Netflix to withdraw the film due to the reactions.


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