So you Think You can dance tWitch and Jojo Seva praise new judge Julia Rimini after viewers doubt her dancing experience


Leah Remini is preparing for her new and unexpected role as a judge in the Fox series “So You Think You Can Dance.” The “King of Queens” actress replaced Matthew Morrison in season 17 after he was fired for not following “competitive production protocols” after audition rounds in which he, Jojo Siwa and Steven Boss (aka tWitch) selected the top 12 dancers to advance into the competition. It seemed strange to some viewers that Remini, who received an Emmy Award, heeded the call to take third place at the judges’ table due to the fact that she had no experience mainly in dancing. However, this doesn’t bother her fellow judges, who seem to like the way she fits into the group.

While tWitch started his career in So You Think You Can Dance as a Season 4 contestant, and Jojo Siwa has been dancing on television since the age of 10 on Abby Lee’s Ultimate Dance Competition (and later on Dance Moms), Leah Remini’s backstory is as follows. much less dance-specific. However, she has years of experience in the entertainment industry on both sides of the camera, and tWitch told People that he likes what she brings to the judging panel:

I like it because we really have a panel full of artists. Despite the fact that her experience is not related to dancing, she knows how to talk about moving performances.

In her first two episodes, Remini proved that she is not afraid to disagree with perhaps the more knowledgeable dancers to her right, sometimes praising the performance aspect of the number, even if tWitch or Jojo Siva criticized the technical performance of this participant. If all situations in life associated with opposing opinions included such a positive.

Just as tWitch said it likes the different points of view the trio offers to the table, Siwa also doesn’t seem to mind when Leah Remini has a different opinion. The new judge of the 17th season helps her to bring humor. As the YouTube star put it:

She’s cool. She’s a rebel. I love her. She brings comedy, she makes it fun, she keeps it light-hearted. She is very well versed in art, entertainment and Hollywood, and therefore she brings this knowledge to the jury, which is really nice.

Jojo Siwa is known for her extraordinary personality, and tWitch’s smile can light up the darkest cave, so it’s hard to imagine that this group will need someone else to cheer up. However, they both take their craft very seriously, and some of their harsher feedback to the participants caused booing from the audience.

In addition, having a judge who focuses on aspects other than technical ability is important for a show that has secured the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer” rather than the best dancer. But that still didn’t stop some fans from speaking out on social media about their disappointment at the lack of a third professional in the field of dance.

Of course, Jojo Siwa also clapped her hands to critics who questioned her own experience, even though she had been dancing all her life. And tWitch even reached out to frustrated fans who complained about some of the decisions made by the judges when choosing the contestants advancing in the show. So at least Leah Remini is in good company because she can’t please them all!

“So you think you can dance” got into the top ten, and after the episode of June 22, the girls dance in their favorite genres. SYTYCD returns to Fox at 21:00. ET Wednesday, June 29, as dancers take us “Around the World.” Be sure to check out our TV schedule for 2022 to find out which shows will premiere in the near future.