So You Can Play Spotify Playlists On Apple Watch


Apple Watch users within an ecosystem of Apple devices know what it is capable of. In fact, even on its own it can help you by keeping track of your body’s details such as heart rate, calories burned, blood oxygen or your sleep level. However, it has other interesting capabilities such as the use of applications without using the Internet. These are joined by Spotify with its new offline playlist playback.

Your music whenever you want from your Apple Watch

As a user of a streaming music app, you will know how important it is to have all the songs you like the most at hand. It is a great pleasure to enjoy all of them whenever you want, even if you have no connection. Of course, to do that you have to subscribe to the Premium version of Spotify, which is the case that we are going to talk about today.

And it is that this feature of listening to music whenever and wherever you want without thinking about the phone finally reaches users of a terminal in the bitten apple. Today Spotify has announced the arrival of a new function with which you can download playlists directly to your Apple Watch, a feature that will improve the audio experience for more than one. Not only can you download playlists, but also the podcasts and albums of your favorite groups to have them at a touch. In this way you will listen to your favorite music even if your iPhone has run out of power or coverage.

All you have to do is select the item you want to download. Press the three buttons to select the option to download on the Apple Watch and check the download in the terminal. Then you just have to put on your headphones and enjoy the music.

Other Sportify improvements for your Apple Watch

The arrival of downloadable playlists for the Apple Watch is not the only novelty that the app has for the smartwatch. In the blog of the firm itself you can read that they have improved compatibility with Siri. This new feature will help you to ask the Apple assistant to play some specific content or to like it for you. Also, thanks to Spotify Connect, you will control the playback of the devices connected to the application from your wrist, from your car to your home speakers.


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