So you can activate dark mode automatically on Android


Dark mode has become one of the essential features for all kinds of applications, systems and devices. The fact of spending many hours glued to our computer, mobile or tablet, together with the brightness emitted by each of the screens of our devices, puts our eye health at risk. For this reason, we are going to show below how we can make the dark mode of our Android mobile automatically activate at one hour and deactivate at the time we want.

As everyone knows, what the dark mode does is change the entire system to black tones so that the contrast of the screen with the dark environment is reduced. The normal display mode emits a blue light that, when exposed to it for a long time, can make our vision much more fatigued in less time. In addition, we can see how the eyes dry out, have difficulty focusing or even warn of the possibility of damaging some cells of the retina.

Although the truth is that we could have the dark mode activated permanently, the truth is that Android allows us to program what time we want this mode to be activated and deactivated on our phone automatically. So we will not have to be aware of activating or deactivating it manually every day.

Automatically activate and deactivate dark mode at a specific time

To do this, the first thing we have to do is open the Settings application of our Android phone, something that we can do directly from its icon or by sliding the notification window down and touching the gear icon.

Once there, we look for and select the Screen option. Next, we touch on the menu option Dark Mode, which is normally deactivated and this will show us a screen in which we will have three options, which allows us to activate and deactivate the mode, indicate if we want the wallpaper adjusts to dark mode and the one that interests us at the moment, Schedule.

We touch on this last option or slide the switch to the On position, we will see how two new options appear, Activate and Deactivate. Next to each of these options appears a time that we can customize to our liking or needs. That is, we can indicate at what time we want to automatically activate the dark mode on our phone and at which time it will be deactivated. In this way we will not have to worry about anything else and we will switch to dark mode automatically.


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