So the romantic scenes of Penny and Leonard are boring


CBS kept fans having fun for 12 seasons with the quintessential comedy series The Big Bang Theory, which fans have not been able to forget.

Fans of The Big Bang Theory know that actress Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki, who played Penny and Leonard in the sitcom, were also in an off-screen relationship.

This week, Cuoco said in an interview that her relationship with fellow The Big Bang Theory actor, Galecki, lasted for two years at the beginning of the comedy series.

However, their off-screen relationship ended in the best way, despite the fact that in The Big Bang Theory, Penny and Leonard did get married. This revealed Cuoco:

“We fell in love and dated for two years, but then we broke up. Fortunately, Johnny and I came out of this so brilliantly and today we are closer than ever. ”

Cuoco says that after their separation in real life, suddenly in The Big Bang Theory the romantic scenes between Penny and Leonard became more frequent, and there is a reason behind that. This said the actress:

“When we broke up, obviously, it was a bit sensitive for a short time, but I remember those weeks where Chuck Lorre had written these episodes where all of a sudden our characters had to sleep together every two seconds.”

He revealed that he discussed the matter with Galecki about the romantic scenes and they both thought The Big Bang Theory creator Lorre may have added those romantic scenes just to upset them after their breakup. This recalled Cuoco:

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“Johnny and I talked about it and I think [Chuck] did it on purpose, just to annoy us. If I was with him, I would ask him why it came out of nowhere. All of a sudden, these characters were often romantically linked.


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