So Mun lives an exciting reunion after the final battle


The Uncanny Counter, considered one of the most important productions that the Netflix streaming platform has promoted in recent months, reached its final chapter this weekend with a moving outcome for its protagonist So Mun (Jo Byung Kyu).

The popular 16-episode drama adaptation of the webtoon Wonderful Rumors or Amazing Rumor, written by Jang Yi, successfully completed its broadcast after going through some obstacles with the departure of its writer in December.

The producers of The Uncanny Counter confirmed at the time that their writer Yeo Ji Na withdrew from the drama due to dramatic disagreements with the direction. Yeo Ji Na wrote until episode 12 before retiring and director Yoo Sun Dong wrote the chapters from 13 [onwards].

The action series full of terror and fantasy, became one of the most requested options on the different transmission platforms, being the official and main Netflix, which has placed it in terms of quality at the same level as other series of the same genre like Alice in Borderland and Sweet Home.

In the 16th and final episode of The Uncanny Counter, the counters will join forces to battle the evil spirit of Shin Myung Hwi (Choi Kwang Il) in an intense final battle.

One of the most emotional scenes is the family reunion that So Mun will experience. Although at first not everything will be as expected, the 18-year-old will live a bittersweet moment.


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