So how does Nick Cannon find time for all his kids? The mother of his 8th child speaks out


Nick Cannon is getting ready to welcome his eighth child into the world, and there are already reports that there will be more. A lot of people have a lot of opinions about the former talk show host’s unconventional lifestyle, but in the end, the only people he really needs to report to are his children and their mothers. Bre Tizi, who is due to give birth to baby No. 8 soon, spoke about the actor’s ability to find time for all his children.

When the model Bra Teezy has her own little bundle of joy, she will become the fifth woman to give birth to a child with Nick Cannon. The masked singer’s host defended having so many moms, pointing out how involved he is in all of his kids’ lives, and Tiesi seemed to confirm this when talking to ET about how Cannon can be present for her and other moms. . Here’s what she said about the feverish process:

He makes the schedule work. We can all go through the assistant to make sure it’s on the calendar if there’s something important. But no matter what you say, what you need from him, this person always appears. So, you know, we have X, Y and Z, it’s in the calendar, it’s there.

Let’s take a moment to respect everyone in Nick Cannon’s life who is on the same page when it comes to time planning. I love the idea that so many people are working hard to make sure that the father of all these children is involved in their lives. But as these children get older (Bre Tiesi’s son will be his fifth child in the last two years) and start doing more at school, I can’t imagine that this schedule will become easier to maintain.

Already Bre Tiesi has said that she doesn’t know how he does it. But until now, she hadn’t had to worry about Cannon showing up.:

I don’t know, he just does. I never have to worry or ask if he will be present. That’s what’s important to me. But I will do it. If I need to move something, we’ll do that too.

With so many people, it seems that women should be so flexible and willing to work with each other to coordinate vacation schedules, major events, etc., and it looks like Bra Tiesi is ready to do it. She said she’s not close to Mariah Carey, Brittany Bell, Abby De La Rosa or Alyssa Scott (whose 5-month—old baby Zen—Nick Cannon’s seventh child-died in December) because she respects their personal space, but she has faith. in Cannon’s commitment to all his children.

This is really good, because it looks like Nick Cannon has at least one more child on the way. After the “Drumline” actor talked about using sex as a method to overcome Zen’s illness—and teased “the stork is on its way”—Abby De La Rosa announced she was pregnant again after giving birth to the Cannon twins in June 2021. TMZ reports the father of the child (or children ??) – Cannon.

Their lifestyle may be unconventional, but if Nick Cannon and the mothers of his children are happy and caring, that’s all that really matters. However, I will still be thrilled with how live or digital assistants can combine this schedule.