Snyder Cut: indicates the appearance of the Green Lantern


Zack Snyder revealed that his cut of the Justice League – which will arrive on March 18 at HBO Max – will feature a surprise appearance by an unprecedented hero in theaters. Despite not giving details about who this character will be, the news made Lanterna Verde gain prominence in social networks, including reaching trending topics on Twitter.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the director commented that he filmed a new ending for the film that will include a participation that will “blow the fans’ heads”. Soon, it generated a speculation that it would be a possible sign of the arrival of the Emerald Gladiator in the Extended Universe DC, something long awaited.

The theory is based on the phrase “Unite the Seven”, related to the formation of the team in the comics that even appeared in the first posters of the 2017 film. At the time, it was indicated that Aquaman would join Batman, Superman, Mulher- Marvel, Cyborg and Flash, and many rumors pointed out that a Green Lantern would be the final member.

The marketing campaign was soon abandoned and only the six established heroes actually appeared in the film. It is worth remembering that in a scene of the cinematographic version, located in the encounter of the Steppe Wolf with several protective groups of Maternal Boxes in Antiquity, an appearance of a member of the Green Lantern Corps is briefly shown.

In addition, the alter ego has belonged to several incarnations in other media, with Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner being the best known. In this context, the rumor gains more strength due to the character appearing in the openings of the new phase of DC films.

The announcement of a Green Lantern series on the streaming service could also indicate that it was already in the director’s and Warner Bros. plans. to make his debut.