SNSD, 2NE1 and MISS A Arguably Have The Most Influential Second Generation Girl Group Debut Song!


Having passed a dozen years and several generations, the songs of this second generation K-Pop girl group are again being debated to occupy the title as the most influential song.

This was discussed by South Korean netizens who debated whether SNSD’s debut song, 2NE1 or MISS A could hold the title.

‘Into The New World’ or also known as ‘ITNW’ is the debut song of SNSD in 2007 ago. South Korean netizens called the song a representative of the current girl group world.

Meanwhile the song that started 2NE1’s career, ‘Fire’ is a candidate who can hold the title because when it first appeared, the song surprised many people and was performed beautifully by 2NE1, which made it hard to believe that they were rookies.

The girl group made by JYP, MISS A with the song ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’ is said to have an imprint on many people. MISS A with their debut song won rookie awards and daesang at the same time.

In your opinion, which song has the right to hold the title as the most influential song of the second generation girl group?