Snowdrop’s director did everything he could to get Jisoo in the cast


At Snowdrop’s press conference, big secrets of the drama were revealed, its director Jo Hyun Tak confessed that he had to beg Jisoo to participate in its production.

Even though BLACKPINK’s Jisoo had only had minor roles in the dramas he had acted for, his great brilliance caused him to be cast as the lead of Snowdrop; This new drama will take us on an unbeatable adventure.

Perhaps Snowdrop will warm winter with a cute love story, the character of Eun Young Roo will be played by Kim Jisoo, a girl who knows the sweet honeys of romance by meeting glances with Im Su Ho, Jung Hae Ein’s character from who falls deeply in love and will soon develop their relationship.

Although not everything is rosy in Snowdrop, its trailers have also revealed that this new South Korean series will have a dark twist that will keep audiences excited for its plot, so it will be full of emotions for the enjoyment of fans.

How was Snowdrop born? The director of this new K-Drama revealed some of his secrets while working on the script for this production, he noticed that Jisoo was perfect to play his main character and had to do everything to get the idol to accept the role and convert in Young Roo.

At Snowdrop’s press conference, director Jo Hyun Tak confessed that when describing Eun Young Roo in the script, he couldn’t think of which actress would be perfect to play her, until he saw Jisoo and was totally convinced that she was perfect. for the leading role.

As soon as Hyun Tak met Jisoo, he felt without dignity, although he hid his emotions and simply told her: ‘You have to do it no matter what happens’, trying to encourage her to join the Snowdrop cast and that is how he managed it. .

The director of Snowdrop confessed that he really wanted Jisoo in the cast, he wouldn’t let her get away from her as she was the perfect Youngroo.

Jung Hae In took the begging, turned down Jo Hyun Tak’s offer to star in Snowdrop, but the director of this drama is not someone who gives up easily and decided to ask him again; After considering it, Hae In accepted, having the protagonists of her was not an easy task.

This is how the director of Snowdrop did everything to have the perfect protagonists for his drama, we can no longer wait for the premiere of it, on December 18.