Snowdrop: The big surprise that Jisoo and part of the cast gave actor Jung Hae In


The famous K-Drama Snowdrop broadcast on the Disney Plus + network and soon on Star + for Latin America, remains in the headlines of the press, either because of the controversy that arose before and after its debut, signaled to distort history; for comments and praise for the performances of their leads Jisoo of the group BLACKPINK and Jung Hae In along with the rest of their talented cast or even for the sad news of rising star Kim Mi Soo’s physical departure.

On this occasion, the most recent information related to the cast has excited the fans of Snowdrop, Jisoo and Jung Hae In, when it was learned through the latter that the bonds of friendship that some members of the cast have maintained continue. and they get stronger after finishing the K-Drama recordings a few months ago.

It is about the charming presence of Jisoo along with some other Snowdrop cast members, Kim Hye Yoon, Jung Yi Seo and Jung Shin Hye, on the film set, where Jung Hae In is in the middle of filming the K-Drama titled Connect for the Netflix platform. Although fans of Korean artists know that it is customary in the guild to send each other a snack truck as a present to wish luck to a colleague starting a new project, it is not usual for the artists who send it to be present along with the surprise gift.

In the images published by Jung Hae In on January 20, 2022 on her official Instagram account, they record the happy moment that the young stars experienced while taking photos and greeting each other. At the bottom of the photos, the actor did not wait for some words of thanks to his companions and the rest of the cast that collaborated with the happy moment such as Choi Hee Jin, Heo Nam Joon and Ahn Dong Gu. He also remembered Kim Mi Soo who had apparently been one of the promoters of the idea before her physical disappearance on January 5.

“The amazing Snowdrop actresses gave me a surprise and came to support me despite the cold weather.”

“Thank you to all of you who gave me a gift that I will remember for life and gave me a lot of strength with the idea of ​​Mi Soo, I will work hard until the last day of filming!”

In the photos taken of the truck, there are funny messages related to Snowdrop, who has already left behind the controversy that surrounded him since before his debut and is successfully approaching the end of the turbulent love story between Su Ho (Jung Hae In), who one day he rushes to a women’s college covered in blood, and Young Ro (BLACKPINK’s Jisoo), a student at the women’s college who hides and takes care of him.

The banner on the truck jokingly reads: “I’m warning you: hold still, my heart… are we connected now?”, referring to Connect.

“From the hostages Hye Yoon, Hee Jin, Jisoo, Shin Hye, Yi Seo, Nam Joon, Dong Gu,” referring to Snowdrop.

Another says: “Yum yum. Everyone enjoy this hot coffee and churros and find strength!”

Filmed by Studio Dragon, Connect will tell the mysterious story of a man who is the victim of organ traffickers, and his connection to the patient who received him. This new work has caused a stir because it is directed by the controversial Japanese director Takashi Miike, famous for his creative irreverence, his position has even led to some of his works being censored due to the extremely graphic and disturbing content of the films. scenes. This is the first time for the filmmaker to make a K-Drama.