Snowdrop: Fans react to the change in the premiere date for Latin America


The celebration of K-Dramas fans when they learned that Snowdrop would be included in the recently launched Disney + streaming platform and its expansion to the South Korean market, to transmit its content and also to include it in its catalog of options, changed suddenly into utter confusion. On December 16, it finally emerged that the production starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Hung Hae would be seen in Latin America but by Star + next year.

Produced by the JTBC network, Snowdrop with 16 episodes will appear for the first time on screen on December 18 for South Korean television and the following day (December 19) on the Disney + platform that provides its service in that nation and the rest of Asia and the Pacific. Although it was expected that for the rest of the world, including Europe and Latin America, it would be seen on the same or very close date, the new news in this regard has surprised everyone.

With an official release date set for December by the JTBC television network and the purchase of international broadcasting rights by Disney +. Snowdrop starring BLACKPINK singer / actress Jisoo and famous actor Jung Hae In, is set in 1987. It is based on the adaptation of a bunch of real letters handwritten by a man who escaped from a Korean prison. North. It touches on important events in South Korea’s recent past, most accurately in the 1980s when student protests took place demanding democratic and transparent elections.

Snowdrop revolves around the love story of college students Su Ho (Jung Hae In) and Young Cho (Jisoo). It all begins when a gifted Korean-German student, Su Ho, suddenly appears in a badly injured women’s college dorm and is rescued by Young Cho, who met him on a blind date and fell in love with him at first sight. The girl hides him and takes care of his injuries while they both try not to be discovered by campus security, which will trigger an emotional love story.

To the sadness of fans of Spanish-speaking K-Dramas, who believed that in a few days they would be able to enjoy Snowdrop, the official account of the social network of Twitter @StarPlusLA presented four official photos with Jisoo of BLACKPINK characterizing Young Ro and his Co-star famous actor Jung Hae In in the role of Im Su Ho, announcing that their love story would be officially released in 2022 for its users in the Latin American region. At the same time a similar publication was published by the Star Plus Brazil account.

The news sparked great discontent among fans of Jisoo and Jung Hae In who were eagerly awaiting Snowdrop’s official broadcast before the year was out. Many of the comments from the public point out that if the K-Drama airs with such a time difference in various parts of the world, not only will spoilers be in the public domain, but viewers will be looking to watch the drama on other unofficial platforms.