Snowdrop could be boycotted, JTBC responds to allegations


After the Joseon Exorcist controversy, the drama starring Jisoo is the new target of criticism due to its history.

Snowdrop, the drama starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, could suffer a boycott due to recent criticism for the plot it will address. JTBC responds to the controversy.

The Korean entertainment has been involved in a wave of accusations from viewers. According to knetizens , historical dramas have always been a debate because of the synopsis and the eras they address, the idol project is no exception.

Through Korean media, the statement issued by the JTBC television network to clarify the accusations against the drama “Snowdrop” was revealed.. The series is yet to premiere and is scheduled to release in mid-2021, the cast consists of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and actor Jung Hae.

The plot is set in 1987, when a student at a women’s university discovers “Soo Ho”, a boy who receives a beating and hides in the dormitories. However, he seems to be hiding details of his past. Apparently, Snowdrop is accused of romanticizing the repression of that time at the hands of the South Korean National Security Planning Agency.


Following the Joseon Exorcist controversy , netizens started a movement to boycott the release of “Snowdrop.” An alleged synopsis of the drama that distorts the history of the country and romanticizes the spies of that time began to circulate online , and they also believe that it minimizes the activist movement of the students. The JTBC chain clarified that the project is a black comedy that tries to ridicule the actions of the National Security Agency at that time, in addition, it is a drama that represents the young people who were victims of the events of that time. About the synopsis, they explained that they are speculations and is taken out of context.

The criticisms began because supposedly the character of Jisoo will be the victim of the male protagonist, a spy for the agency who worked for the authoritarian regime. In addition, in the socio-political history of South Korea, the 1980s was of great importance, as there were protests to achieve democracy in the country.

However, Snowdrop also used as recognition the names of royal figures such as the surname Lee and Young Cho , who demonstrated in the fight. Koreans described the alleged plot of the drama as degrading and mocking . Until now, BLINK expressed his support with requests not to cancel its premiere.

Despite the criticism, BLACKPINK fans continue to support Jisoo. Discover the special gift she received during the Snowdrop recordings .


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