Snowden, who lives in Russia, has children


It has been announced that Edward Snowden, who has resided in Russia for 7 years, will have children.

Speaking to Rossiya 24, Anatoliy Kuçerena, the lawyer of Edward Snowden, stated that Snowden, who received an indefinite residence permit from Russia, will have a child at the end of December and will receive Russian citizenship as of the child’s birthplace.

Explaining that Snowden lives with his wife in Russia and is happy with his family life, Kuçerena said, “The gender of the baby is not known yet. There is no hesitation about this, as he will receive Russian citizenship as of his place of birth. We are very pleased that my friend Snowden shared such a news. a great happiness, “he said.

Stating that he has not yet spoken to his client about the name of the baby, Kuçerena noted that they will talk to Snowden in the near future.

Snowden, who had a great repercussions in the world by deciphering the activities of the USA against the public in 2013, announced that he did not do anything alone, and that he carried out his works by working with journalists.


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