Snow Cone: Google Confirms Android 12’s ‘Dessert Name’


Snow Cone: Officially launched this Monday (4), Android 12 arrives bringing many new features, which first land on Pixel line phones. Along with the changes, Google also revealed the curious “dessert name” of the new version of the mobile operating system: Snow Cone.

In a post using his official Twitter profile, published shortly after the software was introduced, Google’s vice president of engineering for Android Dave Burke released the codename of the version. “A cool background to commemorate the launch of Android Snow Cone!” he wrote in the message, in free translation.

The tweet was accompanied by an illustration that can also be used as wallpaper, revealing the visual identity of the new version of the famous robot symbol of the system, inspired by the dessert. The sweet, very popular in the United States, is known in Brazil as slushie, a colorful mixture of ice shavings with juice or syrup.

It is noteworthy that Burke’s post confirmed rumors that emerged earlier this year about the system’s nomenclature. At the time, some updates to the Android 12 beta version mentioned the codename “sc”, short for Snow Cone, which was found among the source code of the builds.

Remember other Android codenames

Naming Android as dessert is an old Google tradition, which began with the debut of the third version of the system, in April 2009. The company’s first candy honored was the cupcake, a type of cake served individually, baked in a small mold .

Nomenclature was dropped in 2019, when versions were identified only by number, but not completely abandoned, as nicknames are still used internally. Even the next generation of the system already has the name of a speculated dessert, which will pay homage to a sweet of Italian origin.


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