Snoop Dogg soon back with an album … of lullabies!


Snoop Dogg seems back with an improbable idea. Accustomed to rap, he remains above all known for his high consumption of drugs of all kinds. But this time, he wants to try to impose himself in a different style. His next album could be lullabies.

It’s a bend that nobody could have expected. Famous rapper, Snoop Dogg is a part of his celebrity through excessive consumption of many drugs. He is often an apologist for the weed in his sounds and interviews. So much so that he even started his rolling stock business. And at the same time, he employs a full-time sealer he pays handsomely. His new project seems to denote.

Snoop Dogg is aimed primarily at young people. If his message is not taken seriously, many of them laugh at the character he represents. But if there is a person misplaced to address the children, it seems him. Yet, his new project goes in this direction. He wants to release an album composed entirely of lullabies.

This is not the first time he tries to escape rap with a new wacky style. With Bible of Love, for example, he had signed an album of 32 gospel songs. This time, it’s an even more perched project that has just come out of the rapper’s head.

Scheduled for December 6, his new album could be composed of lullabies. “Lullaby Renditions of Snoop Dogg” includes famous lullabies such as Gin and Juice or Beautiful. Twelve pieces of covers for the little ones. But not sure that many parents think of such a gift idea. As Christmas approaches, this album seems more parodic than really serious.


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