Snoop Dogg called this creation of Martha Stewart “better than gin and juice”


There is only one woman who can make Snoop Dogg take a break from sipping gin and juice.

While Martha Stewart 19 Cretes Chardonnay is preparing to release a brand new set of commercials for the delicious drink At! The news gets an exclusive preview of the ad, which is a must-see.

In one scene, Martha invites her closest ones to a special dinner party, where her California Chardonnay is the favorite drink of happy guests.

“I am very happy to share the first bottle of Martha’s chard with my closest friends,” she says, sitting at the head of the table. “Today is all about celebrating the fruits of my labor. And by fruit I mean wine, and by labor I mean making wine. Keep it up, people!”

A lifestyle expert demonstrates a beautiful space at the table and gives the last piece of advice to his guests. “Work hard, play hard and drink Martha’s chard,” she said.

But at an unexpected moment, Snoop appears with an enthusiastic review of his friend’s new wine. “Girl, it’s better than gin and juice,” the rapper declares.

Snoop and Martha’s friendship dates back to 2008, when the rapper came to her cooking show. As a result, the duo collaborated on many projects and became one of the most beloved strange couples in pop culture.

And before you suspect that this relationship is just for show, Snoop has already closed this rumor.

“We talk about once a week, and when I go there [New York], I like to stay at her house,” Snoop once said in an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. “Her house is so big, her horse’s house is bigger than my house. She’s having it happen.”

He continued: “I love Martha Stewart. She’s just a joy to be around.” Health to good wine and even better friendship.

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