SNL’s Vanessa Bayer & Bobby Moynihan reunites at Alice’s Wonderland Bakery [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant has the pleasure to present an exclusive synopsis of the upcoming episode of Alice’s Wonderland Bakery called “Getting to Know the Tweedles”, which will air on July 1 on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior. In this episode, Alice turns to Tweedle Do and Tweedle Don’t for advice, portrayed by SNL favorites Vanessa Bayer and Bobby Moynihan, who left the show in 2017. Judging by their names, they give advice on whether she should become a royal baker somewhat controversially.

The premiere of “Alice’s Bakery in Wonderland” took place on February 9, 2022 on the Disney Junior channel and became a continuation of the classic cartoon “Alice in Wonderland” of 1951. While many adaptations of Lewis Carroll’s original novel take a darker approach or move the character to a different setting altogether, this computer-animated Disney sequel instead follows the great-granddaughter of the original novel, Alice Pleasance Liddell, who is also named Alice and who works in a cozy Wonderland bakery. Throughout the episodes, she communicates and meets a lot of friends who try her magical desserts, which often leads to strange but wonderful side effects.

Link: Explanation of Tweedledee and Tweedledee twins from Alice in Wonderland

In the exclusive “Alice’s Bakery in Wonderland” video provided by Disney Junior, Alice (Libby Ryu) asks Tweedle Dee (Bayer) and Tweedle Nee (Moynihan) to help her make a difficult decision. The Tweedles immediately pull out the scoreboard and begin to list everything that can and cannot be done, which confuses the poor young baker more than inspires her. Watch the full clip below:

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Soon Alice and Tweedledee are interrupted by her friends, which is probably for the best. Will Alice be able to follow her baking-loving heart and make the right decision? Whatever she decides, she will definitely be supported by those who care about her, which will help her spread the joy of baking wherever she goes in Wonderland. Children and families who watch the series will also have much more opportunities to enjoy Alice’s Wonderland Bakery and, perhaps, be inspired to bake, since the series has already been renewed for a second season.

In addition to Ryu as Alice, the show also features several descendants of favorite Disney characters. The main cast includes CJ U as Hattie the hatter boy; Jack Stanton as Fergie the White Rabbit; Abigail Estrella as Rose, the Princess of Hearts; Secunda Wood as Cookie the Magic cookbook and Audrey Wasilewski as Alice Dina’s pet cat. Before the exciting “Saturday Night Live” reunion with Bayer and Moynihan, a number of celebrities also visited Alice’s Wonderland Bakery, including Craig Ferguson (“The Late Late Show” with Craig Ferguson) as the iconic doorknob and Eden Espinosa (“Broadway Wicked”) as the Queen. Hearts to Donald Faison (Clinic) as Harry the March Hare.