SNK apologizes for sexist ad for SNK AllStar mobile game


The Japanese company apologizes for the publication of a trailer with a marked macho character and assures that they will be more careful in the future.

SNK AllStar, the free to play game for iOS and Android mobiles as a beat’em up gacha-style spin-off that brings together many of SNK’s fighting icons through fighters from sagas like King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, The Last Blade and more, has been the subject of controversy in recent hours for the publication of a highly sexist trailer in which Terry Bogard can be seen whipping the ass of three other female fighters, Kula Diamond, Mai Shiranui and Blue Mary, as he passes behind them on a motorcycle. This trailer has caused outrage among the community, with which SNK has reacted by apologizing and removing it from its official channels.

SNK apologizes and assures that it will not happen again

And it is that in order to promote its mobile video game, an external SNK agency in charge of making the trailer and its publication, has promoted a video sequence that has not sat very well with the community, causing negative reactions in the comments from official SNK channels. The company itself has issued a statement ensuring that the trailer does not meet its standards and that it was unaware of its content.

Upon seeing the announcement and the negative reaction from fans, SNK immediately removed the trailer, apologizing for the situation and all those followers who may have been offended by such content. The company ends the statement that they will do better in the future regarding these issues.

And it is that beyond an attitude that does not correspond to the character of Terry Bogard according to SNK itself, the situation is even more compromised by the age of one of the fighters, Kula Diamond, only 14 years old. “SNK has not intervened in the creation of the advertisement, had no prior evidence of its content, and has issued a complaint to the partners involved requesting the immediate withdrawal of the advertisement,” they say in their official statement.


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