Sniper Elite VR, Arashi: Castles of Sin, and More Reveal New Details on PS VR


Sniper Elite: The PS VR Spotlight streaming event about several of the titles that will arrive on the platform in the future.More than five new video games are coming to PlayStation VR, the PS4 virtual reality glasses, which are also compatible with PS5. Sony Interactive Entertainment has uncovered the novelties of the platform in a new edition of PS VR Spotlight, which brings together well-known games and other titles that have just been uncovered for the Japanese system. Among the products on display are Sniper Elite VR and Arashi: Castles of Sin.

Rebellion, in collaboration with Just Add Water and Coatsink, have worked on this virtual reality adaptation of Sniper Elite. Players will have the opportunity to experience World War II from the perspective of an Italian partisan. The game, which has been developed from scratch for PlayStation VR, will go on sale on July 8.

As for Arashi: Castles of Sin, it will be released this summer. It is an action game and open world in which we will play Kenshiro, the last survivor of the Arashi clan. Set in feudal Japan, we will have to face bandits together with our wolf friend, Haru.

On the other hand, Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey is a reinvention of the Taito classic. The study has reported that it will be released at the end of this year, with a title adapted to virtual reality and loaded with old elements, which are mixed with the new.

More games planned

Wind & Leaves, July 27. Includes a specific mode designed for PlayStation VR. It will put all players in the shoes of a gardener who terraforms the environment and recovers the flora of the world

After the Fall, Summer 2021. First-person cooperative shooter, announced last March, introduces the game world, enemies, and combat system.

Fracked, Summer 2021. Defeat enemies with fast, challenging and accessible mechanics.

Wanderer, undated. An action adventure set in an alternate timeline where nature has taken over the environment and everything the player knows about the real world has been reversed.