Sneijder: “It could have been like Messi and Cristiano, but I didn’t want to”


Wesley Sneijder gave an interview to Fox Sport in which he reviewed his career as a footballer.

In one of his reflections after being asked by Cristiano and Messi and the comparison he lived with them, the Dutchman was clear: “If I had lived 100% my sport, I would have been like Cristiano and Messi, I know. But I didn’t want to and I don’t regret it. It’s not that I couldn’t do it if I didn’t want to. ”

The former Madrid or Inter among others, acknowledges that he is still asked if it hurts him not to have won the Golden Ball in 2010 when he dazzled with his football and was a World Cup finalist in South Africa who lost to Spain.

“I am a team player and I like collective success. When they ask me if it hurts not to have won the Golden Ball I answer that I won the Champions League and that is better than any individual prize, ”he said.

In the interview and asked about the player who most impressed him in his career, he points to Guti and reveals how the relationship between them was.

“I choose Guti, he was the one who impressed me the most. We were in the field without looking, he was a fantastic guy. Of course I played with other great players but it is who impressed me the most. It is true that he did not speak to me the first three months in Madrid, but then it was all different, ”he said.


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