Snapdragon 750G, a new 5G mobile processor


The processor is one of the most important parts of any device you drive. In the case of mobile phones, it provides the limits of characteristics to which the device can aspire. In the last batch of Qualcomm we have seen great possibilities and this will be a constant next year after the firm presented the new Snapdragon 750G chip.

The possibilities of the Snapdragon 750G

Small but bullies. This is how processors can be defined. They are the smallest components that the board of your mobile can carry, but they are the ones that move the information and what makes the rest of the chipset have more or less capabilities as well as that there are no compatibility errors.

But today we have to talk about one of the chips that will arrive soon for mid-range mobiles that demand a lot in performance: the Snapdragon 750G. The letter at the end already says it all, and that is that the G range has an extra power especially dedicated to video game lovers, who are increasingly asking for more from smartphone plates.

This 8 nanometer chip will provide fluidity to the screen as it will allow FullHD + screens at 120Hz in addition to QHD + at 60Hz. The cameras will also benefit, since it will allow dual cameras of 32 and 16 megapixels and up to 192 MPX if you only have one. But let’s stay on the ground, since this chip is intended for the mid-range where the maximum is in the 64 MPX being very generous.

The support also includes 5G modem, so all phones with the Qualcomm 750G will have the latest in connectivity. We also do not forget other features such as WiFi 6, improved artificial intelligence, fast charge 4+, NFC, Bluetooth 5.1 and fingerprint readers, iris, voice and facial recognition.


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