Snapdragon 480, 5G chip coming for cheap phones


We are now in 2021, a year in which telephony will make a significant leap in terms of connectivity. We are talking about the imminent arrival of 5G, a new ultra-fast connection that will help users share their heavy images much faster, connect to the Internet at lightning speed and play without drops. Until now these capacities were reserved for the high and medium range, but thanks to the Snapdragon 480, 5G will reach all mobile phones.

5G for cheap mobiles

It seemed that this was never going to be said, but the reality is different today. As we have spoken on other occasions, the telecommunications antenna of a smartphone is integrated into the processor. Depending on its power, it will be able to connect to one network or another, although currently having access to 4G is a necessity. But this year everything will change with the arrival of the new Qualcomm chips.

The company has presented its new line of processors for mobile phones in the lower ranges. And the fact is that even the cheapest phones need a good Internet connection in conditions, something that they will achieve with the arrival of the Snapdragon 480. The chip will give you access to 5G Internet and WiFi 6, two characteristics that will soon become the standards almost basic in telecommunications.

The other features of Snapdragon 480

But the list of improvements that the chip brings does not focus only on 5G. Not only will it focus on a remarkable and optimal speed when it comes to moving data, it will also bring great improvements to support other add-ons to the smartphone. The transmission improvement translates to 100% in CPU and GPU, but in addition you will have a quick charge capacity Quick Charge 4+.

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Regarding the screen, there is also good news and it is that they will have a faster refresh rate. Specifically, an FHD + screen will reach a maximum refresh rate of 120 fps, something that the most gamers will appreciate. If we stay in the multimedia section we have to talk about the cameras where we can see various configurations of up to no less than 64 MPX. This will be in the case of terminals with a single camera on the back, since if we want more lenses there is an option of three sensors with a maximum of 13 MPX.


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