Snapchat will launch filters that are used dancing


Entertainment apps are going through a phase of evolution after the arrival of TikTok. The Chinese application has caused this quarantine to be all the rage thanks to all the challenges, ‘checks’ and especially the dances that have been repeated over and over again on the main page. The rest of the applications have realized this and we have seen that each one has evolved towards something different. In the case of Snapchat, it has devoted its efforts to creating filters that are used while dancing.

Snapchat seeks its prominence against TikTok

It is a fact that Snapchat is one of the applications that struggles the most to stay on users’ smartphones. Its main function is to present an ephemeral photo for 24 hours, something that is already present in different photographic applications such as Facebook, Instagram or even others such as YouTube. But now a new rival appears and the ghost app proposes to fight not to lose his position.

To do this, it will once again bring out the best of itself and improve what makes it so special: the filters. And it is that Snapchat will soon launch filters that activate while you dance. This adds two points in its favor: on the one hand, users who keep Snapchat installed do so because their AR filters are exclusive, on the other, dances are now more than ever in fashion so joining the two will give it a lot of presence .

Currently, Snapchat has released dance filters in its app, of which you can only use four: Star Burst, Be You, Alone, and Be Happy. More will be added to this small list based on the creativity of the firm’s content creators. Among them are the two types of filters, which are activated in one way or another depending on their nature. The first one is that of the triggers, which is activated the moment the camera detects an assigned position. The second is full-body, which is released the moment the lens captures a body and wraps it around it.

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Instagram, Facebook and now TikTok

A moment ago we told you about the great rivalry that Snapchat has at the moment with the rest of the photographic apps. The application is still standing after the main social networks copied its format with which it became unique and famous. The arrival of TikTok has meant the loss in part of the followers of the largest, which have been adapted with functions such as Instagram Reels. We will see how they all coexist in the future and if any of them stay on the road.


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