Snapchat will ban Trump’s account permanently

Since U.S. President Donald Trump made motivational statements to violence, several social networks have blocked his access to prevent further hateful posts from being published. Snapchat recently reported that it will permanently remove his account.

The information is based on a publication on the Axios news site, showing that those responsible for the social network were not satisfied with Trump’s reports online, causing his profile to be completely disabled on January 20.

“Last week, we announced an indefinite suspension of President Trump’s Snapchat account and have been evaluating which long-term actions are in the best interest of our community on Snapchat. In the interest of public security, and based on your attempts to spread misinformation, hate speech and incite violence, which are clear violations of our guidelines, we made the decision to permanently close your account, ”a platform spokesman told Axios.

In addition to Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, they had also removed Trump’s access to the platforms. And it seems that the statements are also having an impact on his life, as Deutsche Bank managed to win the ostracism process, which is the action taken by politicians to try against public freedom.

In conjunction with the process, business partnerships between the company and the millionaire businessman are also being finalized, an action that will be taken by New York City, which has some contracts with the Trump organization.

It is worth remembering that Donald’s violations are still echoing in other social networks and businesses, so many news related to this will still appear on the web, meaning that a “social exile” is taking place as a result of the statements made by him.

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