Snapchat down: users are pushing their mouths!


Great wind of panic this Wednesday, October 9, 2019 for Snapchat users. Because the social network was down during the afternoon.The Snapchat social network has been down for most of the day this Wednesday, October 9, 2019. This is not the first time, the fans are fed up!

In fact, Snapchat meets small concerns that fans do not miss to react. As soon as the network broke down, they rushed to other social networks to express themselves. Some communicated their sadness while others shared their anger at these constant bugs!

You should know that the app often bueu which exasperates everyone. Thus in the United Kingdom, in Northern Europe or on the East side of the United States, it’s impossible to send anything! An error message was displayed, and it was impossible to refresh the page.


Indeed, Snapchat does not like as much as before and the various failures do not arrange its image. The regulars of the app have fled on Twitter to push their mouths. Very quickly the hashtag #Snapchatdown ended up in Trending Topic. Some wanted to share their problem and see if it happened to other people.

While others wanted to hurt the app by expressing their annoyance! We understand their reactions since this happens very often! So we could see reactions such as:

“Well done, it’s not like it has not become a habit”, or “Reaction that Snapchat is still down … We’ll do a hashtag every time it works we’ll save time …” .

But as always, it allowed the most creative to share videos. But also the same ultra funny. A way for regulars to laugh at the incident and take it lightly.


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