Snapchat Turns Off Snap Map Feature That Shows Where Its Users Are Congested For Ukraine


A similar move came from Snapchat, after Google and Apple shut down their traffic-heavy features in Ukraine. Snapchat has disabled the Snap Map feature, which shows users where they are, in Ukraine.

While the sanctions imposed by companies and organizations on Russia continue to increase, efforts are underway to help protect the civilian population in Ukraine as much as they can. We have seen an example of these from Google and Apple in the past days.

After repeated attacks on areas with heavy traffic on Google Maps, Google disabled the live traffic feature in Ukraine. Then Apple also took action and removed the live traffic and accidents feature in Ukraine, along with stopping product sales in Russia. Today, a similar application came from Snapchat.

Snapchat shuts down Snap Map feature for Ukraine

Snapchat users can see where users are sharing publicly all over the world via Snap Map and can discover where users are more concentrated. Although this heatmap is a feature that users like, it could have dangerous consequences considering the situation in Ukraine. For this reason, Snapchat turned off the Snap Map feature for users in Ukraine in order not to experience a situation similar to Google’s.

Considering that Russia will want to see where the citizens in the region are concentrated and will intensify its attacks there, it is of great importance for companies to have such practices to prevent this. Thanks to the feature that Snapchat has closed for this purpose, it will no longer be possible to detect where users are more concentrated in Ukraine. We hope that the war will end as soon as possible and no more people will get hurt before we have to see more of these and similar moves from companies.