Snapchat ‘Sounds in Snapchat’ feature is now available


Snapchat has launched the feature called Sounds on Snapchat, which allows music to be added to the snaps. The feature available on the iOS platform makes Snapchat somewhat similar to TikTok. Users can share the snaps they can create with millions of licensed music as stories or direct messages.

Snapchat, one of the oldest representatives of the social media industry, has been far from its former popularity for a while. However, the company does not fail to develop the application even though it cannot reach its old days. The last step in this context was a feature called “Sounds on Snapchat” brought to Snapchat. This feature, which is only available on iOS right now, makes Snapchat a bit like TikTok.

With the Sounds on Snapchat feature, users can add music to the snaps they take. In addition, the snaps created with this feature can be sent as a story or direct message. According to the company, this feature includes millions of licensed music. Users can use these music as they wish.

Snapchat’s new feature can be used just like Instagram. Users can share the details of the music they add to the snaps they take with their followers. In addition, a user can listen to any music they use or hear from another user through platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music or SoundCloud. Snapchat’s new feature will also enable new music to be discovered.

One of the striking aspects of the Sounds on Snapchat feature is that other content using a music can be viewed. In this way, the company is not completely duplicating TikTok. This feature of Sounds on Snapchat will allow users to interact more with each other. Snapchat believes that such a feature will prevent TikTok’s growing danger and offer an alternative to users.

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