Snapchat Releases Filters Against Coronavirus


Snapchat has created two new filters together with the World Health Organization. The new filters remind the measures to be taken against coronavirus, such as social distance. No matter how much these filters will change the minds of people who don’t take the coronavirus seriously.

Experts and officials continue to remind that personal measures against coronavirus are very important, while Snapchat also underlines these measures with new filters. Snapchat introduced two new filters that it prepared in cooperation with the World Health Organization.

Snapchat’s first filter called “My Social Distance” provides a great convenience for social distance application. In My Social Distance filter, there is a social distance circle prepared according to the social distance criteria of WHO and other health institutions on the screen of the person using the filter. Users can adjust their social distance using this augmented reality circle.

In the other Snapchat filter prepared against coronavirus, there are warnings about personal precautions against coronavirus such as staying at home, washing hands and not touching the face. Two filters with both social distance filter and warnings provide links to the World Health Organization’s website for additional measures.

Snapchat’s two new filters are based on coronavirus filters that the app has previously prepared. Snapchat’s use of its technologies to inform people in the fight against coronavirus can be considered as an important step to show the importance the company attaches to human life.


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