Snapchat lets you upload videos with Instagram music


Whoever thinks Snapchat is dead are wrong and far and away. Maybe the main functions of the app have been so interesting that others have copied them.

Above all, it has been its main service, but that has not stopped the firm from continuing with its innovations. But sometimes you have to look at what other companies do and this has resulted in Snapchat now letting you make videos with music like Instagram does.

Put music to your Snapchat videos

Good music on an Internet video can change your content from something normal to the next viral. This especially if it is accompanied by an easy dance to do and if whoever does it is famous, then the formula works to spread through all the profiles of the Network. And music was the part that Snapchat needed to achieve this effect, but finally it has.

The ghost social network finally allows you to include audios of songs in your videos. The format is very similar to what we have seen in other social networks such as Instagram, from where it seems that it has imported the function. The operation is identical: simply click on the eighth note icon and then select the theme you want to put on your video or photo and embed it. A small sticker will appear with the name of the song and the artist who sings it.

The difference: the filters

Snapchat may have copied a feature to Instagram this time, but the difference between the two apps is the same. By this we mean that the two apps are now very much on par with each other when it comes to dynamic content, but Snapchat’s exclusive filters continue to bring the app to life.

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Your community is very active in this regard and AR filters are the most used. Using them is also very simple and now you have effects that modify the video or photo in addition to adding a song to make it more dynamic. What will be the first one you choose?


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