Snapchat launches music adding feature


Snapchat users have finally gotten the feature of adding music they’ve been waiting for. The latest update prepared for the application brings with it the music feature named “Sounds”.

Thus, users will be able to color their posts with songs. Sounds was opened to iPhone users Snapchat in the first place. There is no information about when the feature will come to Android.

This feature, which Snapchat has been testing since August, is similar to Instagram’s music feature. Users can add a part of the song they choose from the catalog offered by Snapchat to their shares. When other users open this musical post, they are prompted to listen to the song on a music platform.

Snapchat’s music catalog seems limited at the moment. Therefore, it should be stated from the beginning that there are not as many options as Instagram or TikTok. However, it will not come as a surprise that this catalog will expand in a short time, thanks to Snap’s agreements with record labels.

Apart from adding Snapchat music, TikTok works on another effective feature. Users of the social network will soon be able to add their own sound clips to their posts. This feature is expected to meet with users in the coming months.

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