Snapchat launches filters for the NFL


In recent months the world of sports has come to life. We have seen the end of some disciplines such as LaLiga in Spain and we are facing the decline of the NBA with conference finals that would have ended in the spring had it not been for COVID-19. But it seems that the virus is not going to stop the start of one of the most important leagues in the sports world such as the NFL, something that Snapchat celebrates with a new filter.

Celebrate the start of the NFL with your Snapchat filter

The NFL is one of the sports leagues with the most fans throughout the world. Franchises such as the Patriots, Vikings, Raiders or Packers are some of the best known as well as mythical figures of the past and present such as Dan Marino, Tom Brady or Joe Montana to give a few examples. It is possible that even if you are not a follower you have heard one of these names, but if you are a fervent admirer the following function is for you.

It turns out that the NFL begins tomorrow with the confrontation between the Chiefs and the Texans that open the new season 2021. For the league, it is an important event to start with all the games and that is why Snapchat puts its new NFL filter at your disposal. This filter will be maintained throughout the season and will be updated with each game.

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