Snapchat is on the agenda with TikTok feature


Continuing to compete for the American market, Snapchat will bring the music adding feature found on TikTok and Instagram together with users. The company, which wants to return to its former popularity in other countries, announced that it will appear with more innovations.

Snapchat music adding feature is on the agenda
Thanks to the update, users will be able to add music after snapping or capturing. Having agreed with several companies including Warner Music and Universal Music companies, Snapchat aims to allow users to spend more time in practice.

The new feature is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand. Company officials announced that adding music will be available for all countries in autumn.

Although Snapchat is behind its competitors, it is thought that usage will increase in some countries thanks to the new feature. Especially the feature of adding music, which is frequently used in Instagram, is seen as a new income model by many artists and music companies.

Company officials said, “We are improving our relations with the music industry. We also do our best to make everybody part of the music ecosystem, including producers and songwriters, profit. ”He said.

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