Snapchat Is Already Testing Ads In Stories


Snapchat: There are many users who enter the day in different social networks. Whatever your preference, the number and interactions that occur are counted by millions and they also know that on Snapchat. And it is that when an app works, it is a good time to introduce ads in the most popular parts, as is the case with the arrival of new ads in Snapchat stories.

New changes in Snapchat to seek benefits

It is a fact that if you download an app for free, you are offering your data so that the company can use it to segment the public and place ads. We have been seeing this for years and it is something that has permeated especially in social networks. The case of Facebook or Instagram are two of many that exist on the Internet, and the case of Snapchat is not at all different.

The ghost company is behind a way to make the platform even more profitable thanks to the integration of ads within the platform in its stories section. It would be a new place to place the advertising of advertisers who want to use the platform for it.

This can bring you benefits, which can go to all those creators who contribute their entertainment content to the social network and who have thousands of daily visits. At the moment it is testing its integration, but it is a matter of time before the company shows more details about how it will do it or, directly, it will integrate it at once.