Snapchat is a Feature That Will Add Music to Content


Snapchat developers are preparing to launch a new feature that allows users to add music to their snaps. This feature works just like Instagram Music and seems to offer users an impressive experience. The feature will start rolling out this week.

Although it is one of the most popular social media platforms years ago, Snapchat, which has started to lose its popularity as time goes on, tries to attract the attention of users by working on new features. In this context, Snapchat developers, which are preparing to offer a new feature developed to the users, bring a functional music feature to the application.

Sharing music on social media platforms is nothing new. Even Instagram has a very impressive feature in this context. This feature called “Instagram Music” allows users to add music to their stories. Moreover, some music has lyrics. In this way, users can share the music they enjoy listening with their followers. Here’s the new feature of Snapchat is very similar to Instagram Music.

Snapchat’s new feature looks like this

As you can see in the image above, Snapchat users will be able to add music to this snape after taking a snap. Users can even set a certain portion of the music they want to share on Snapchat, just like Instagram Music. This feature seems to offer an impressive experience to Snapchat users.

One of Snapchat’s most geared competitors is TikTok, which has been on the agenda for some time. This platform has managed to become popular with lip syncs on songs. Here’s the new feature of Snapchat will offer users a TikTok-like experience. The developer team seems to have tried to offer alternatives to users, especially considering the possibility of TikTok being banned by the US administration for some time.

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In fact, Snapchat already had a feature that allows music to be shared on Spotify to be shared with tags. However, the new feature will provide a different experience than this, allowing a snap shot to be played with any music. In this context, let us remind you that both features are different from each other.

Snapchat’s new feature will be available in markets like New Zealand and Australia as of this week. After the company has adopted the new feature for users in these countries, users in other countries will be able to use Snapchat’s snape music feature. For now, however, no detailed calendar has been released for this feature. In other words, the process can be completed in a few weeks or spread over several months.


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