Snapchat: iOS Update Crashes App Opening


Snapchat: Several Snapchat users are experiencing a constant bug after the recent update made available on Apple’s App Store. According to the information, the app is crashing immediately upon opening on iOS devices.

In a message on Twitter, released this Monday (28), the Snapchat team revealed that they are aware of the problem and that they are investigating the cause. Then, the social network asks users to wait until the fix is ​​released.

Fix should arrive soon

By default, Snapchat releases weekly updates focused on fixing minor bugs and performance tweaks. Thus, it is possible that a new update with this fix will be released before next week.

Also on Twitter, many users of the app are reporting frustration at the failure. If the problem persists, they claim, many people may be left without a platform to communicate, work, and then lose the “sequence” of daily posts.

Therefore, the recommendation is that iOS owners avoid installing the version of the app on their devices. As well, they should follow the recommendations of the social network and wait for the next update in the App Store.


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