Snapchat Has The Highly Anticipated Feature


Snapchat got dark mode support. Dark mode has become a trend for smartphones and computers. The developers are constantly working to make their apps compatible with this mode as well. Especially; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provided all necessary updates on this matter to their users. However, among the popular applications, Snapchat started to bring the dark mode for iOS users exactly two years later.

Apple has been offering dark mode support to its devices since iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. However, Snapchat has not been bringing this mode to iOS users for two years. Fortunately, the long wait is over today and users now have the opportunity to enjoy dark mode on Snapchat.

Snapchat got dark mode support

For iOS users, Snapchat started testing its dark mode feature last year. This innovation offered to users with beta updates; It has now completed its testing process and has finally begun to reach users with determination.

With the new update, iPhone and iPad owners; They have different settings to choose from in order to use the dark mode feature on Snapchat. The first of these is the dark and light mode settings in the application. If you wish, you can manually set the theme of the application here. As the second option, you can activate the default theme setting. Here, the application will work in harmony with the theme of the system.

To experience the new dark mode in the Snapchat, from Settings-Appearance section; You can activate the Always dark, Always light or system compatible options.

For Android users, it is not possible to say the same for now. Because we estimate that dark mode will come to these users in the coming months.


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