Snapchat Extends Partnership with Developers


Snapchat, which has developed a wide range of partnerships in recent years, has been expanding its cooperation with game developers for a while. The platform finally announced today that it has launched a partnership with the US gaming company Zynga.

Over the past few years, social media giant Snapchat has started building a complex partnership network. Advertising partners as well as application developers in Snap Kit and new features such as CamerKit and Minis stand out. Including game developers in the Snap Games initiative, Snapchat announced today that it has started a partnership with the US game company Zynga.

The distinctions in the partnership of the company can sometimes create gray zones. Speaking to TechCrunch, for example, Snap Partnership Vice President Ben Schwerin insisted that Snapchat is not competing with its advertising partner, Quibi. “Comparing Quibi and Snapchat – and I know that is very easy – is like comparing cable TV with Snapchat,” Schwerin said.

New ventures aim to increase Snapchat’s success:

Snapchat’s position and success in the US is perhaps comparable only to what Tencent has accomplished in China with WeChat. This was achieved by transforming the application from a messaging application between friends to a national platform. Of course, Snapchat has a long way to go in this regard, but considering the shares shared at the annual Snap Partner Summit on Thursday, this success is not far away.

Among the innovations are richer third-party experiences through upgrades to developer kits and a new initiative called Snap Minis. According to Snap, there are 800 developers working integrated with Snap Kit, and a total of 150 million users access these integrations on a monthly basis.

In the USA, developers have a lot of worn relationships with social media companies. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter have significantly restricted the many developer capabilities they brought with them, and often turned off key features overnight for developer experiences. Snapchat’s exclusive developer platform, Snap Kit, is only 2 years old now, but it’s already beginning to face the challenges Facebook is facing.


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