Snapchat comes with a feature where you can make your own Deepfake videos


With an increasing number of users, Snapchat is preparing to come up with a new feature inspired by artificial intelligence based deepfake technology. With the feature called Cameo, you’ll be able to create GIF or video clips that put your face on someone else’s body.

Deepfake, an artificial intelligence-assisted image processing technology that has been used in the cinema industry for a while, has begun to come up with videos recently published on the internet. Deepfake, which can turn into scary technology in the hands of malicious people, allows one face to be replaced by another.

In particular, these manipulative videos targeting famous names that are well known to the public are being made in such a professional way that you are hesitating about whether it is real or not. Nowadays, the prevalence of deepfake videos on the internet is increasing, and Snapchat is preparing to include a new feature on your platform that you can make your own deepfake video.

The feature Snapchat calls Cameo can be described as a light version of deepfake technology. Although the company has not technically announced the upcoming feature, some Snapchat users in France have begun to access it. In a statement to TechCrunch, the company confirmed the Cameo feature and said it has been tested in some international markets.

You can see the videos created with Snapchat Cameo feature below:

Looks like you’re starting to use Snapchat’s new feature by first taking your selfie. Then you choose a male or female body type for yourself. These are the only body types currently available; however, we may see some improvements in this regard during the testing process.

According to TechCrunch, when the new feature is released, you will be able to access the Cameo by tapping the Bitmoji button. Once everything is set, the app will combine images to create short-form video clips that look relatively convincing. That’s all we know about the feature for now. We will continue to share with you any new details on the Snapchat front.


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